Paxton Centre Paintings 2018

For 2018 Lydia has produced a new series of oil paintings for the Paxton Centre. She has drawn on the ideas developed for the Chagrin 2017 series and has re-introduced techniques and symbols from earlier paintings. Once again, we see the pixellation experiments, the explosive flashes of vivid colour and the merging of emotional states. Gone is the angst of Chagrin, as we enter a new freedom of the mind. If we hold on to our integrity, keep our loved ones close and allows ourselves to become our very own fantasies, our minds can travel to fantastic places.

The Paxton exhibition will also feature paintings from the 2017 Chagrin series plus earlier works.

Special Preview Night: Friday 2nd February 7pm-11pm (other artists also featured)

Address: The Paxton Centre, 52 Anerley Hill, Crystal Palace SE19 2AE

One painting is a remembrance piece for Grenfell, lest we forget.

Grenfell WEB