Small paintings for sale

Small paintings: 10cm x 13cm x 3.5cm


In 2010 Lydia became interested in working on small block canvasses. Some feature figurative images such as ‘flamingo’ and ‘love birds’. Others are pure patterns covering all sides of the canvas to create spots of vivid colour that work well in alcoves, small spaces or in clusters. These can be hung or placed on a surface as ornaments.

These proved popular and some sold through the Dulwich Open House and Artemidorus Gallery Shop. Others are still available for sale.

Price for 2010 collection: £25 each

Mexican Dream Collection


In 2011 she continued to use these canvasses, only this time introducing a more pictorial dimension. The new collection is entitled ‘Mexican Dreams’ featuring symbolism and imagery of Mexico, a place Lydia longs to visit. The colour planes for these pictures are inspired by Chris Ofili’s vivid works.

Price for Mexican Dream 2011 collection: £45 each